The Red Stains

Cooking up a plastic fantastic disco-punk sound from a collage of musical influences, Manchester four-piece The Red Stains embrace the kitsch and the tacky as a power to disrupt the male-dominated music industry.
Their sharp and sarcastic lyrics hold a mirror up to domestic everyday life: consumerism, mental illness, public transport, discount supermarkets and being queer.
Forming the Red Stains’ distinctive ready-meal-punk sound are four ingredients: Natalie Emslie’s fiery and powerful vocals hang over a backdrop of Sterling Kelly’s gritty, throbbing bass, and newly added into the mix are Robyn Elliott’s drum beats that demand your attention and Grace Allport’s cosmic guitar that shapeshifts through pedals to create the familiar ‘Red Stains’ chaos. Turn your microwaves up, turn the volume up, turn the hoover on and get ready to dance your socks off.